Products Pricing & Delivery

This will not be the cheapest hay you will find, but I believe you’ll not find better.

“I compete on quality, not price”.

I encourage new customers to come and see the hay before they make any decision, to verify the quality and to discuss the most appropriate product for their horse. Each year I also try to make some lower nutrient quality hay suitable for laminitics as well as offering barley straw to mix in, to fill the horse’s belly without giving too much in the way of nutrition.

Particularly with the haylage, when even a small hole can spoil the bale, I will replace or refund any bad bales. However, for the last few years I have  prevented this from happening by ‘double-wrapping’ the round bales using 8 layers of wrap; so far it seems to have worked – the extra cost was definitely worth while! I can now (as far as is realistically possible) guarantee the bales.

We do have analyses done on our forage to ensure the quality.


  • 4’6” Round Bale Haylage   £45
  • 4’6” Round Bale Hay   £40
  • Small Bale Haylage   £8
  • Small Bale Hay   £5
  • Wheat Straw – 4’6” Round bales  £30,  Small bales   £4/single bale or £3.50/bale in a multi-pack of 21
  • Barley Straw – Small bales  as above


Based in Walgrave, Northamptonshire I will deliver locally – price dependent on distance and quantity ordered, typically £5/round bale.

Please call or contact me.


Hall Farm Hay

Small bale haylage suitable for 1 horse £8
Small bale straw £4
4’6” Round Bale straw £30
4’6” Round Hay Bales £40